Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Long time lurker, first time blogger

Until I figured out that "Netflix and chill" was dirty, I always said that it was my fiance husband and my favorite thing to do. We love that the shows just flip into each other, until we fall asleep and have to figure out what episode we fell asleep in (who am I kidding, just go to the first one). I tend to binge watch television or listen to a book when I quilt. Hence "binge quilting" became a thing.

I learned to quilt in 2002. I'm learning, from my lurking, that that first strip-quilting class may have given me 14 years of bad habits that piecing is forcing me to correct. I signed up for a few mystery quilts, and the one that I made looks fantastic, except that I can't put it together. My half-rectangles were so cattywampus that my rows are off by inches. When you work 60 hours a week, put dinner on the table every night, and try to have a social life plus do some quilting, that can be a bit more than discouraging. Especially when some of the blocks were sooooooo perfect!!!!!!

Then I did a quilt that a dear friend asked me to do for charity. And, even with it's flaws, it earned the charity a lot of money. That, friends, was when I wanted to blog, so that I could learn from others as well as create a record of my beautiful quilts, especially as I don't keep many of them.

This blog is for me to learn from you and to keep myself accountable to my ever growing stash and the UFOs that I have stashed in my closet. I have a long arm quilting machine, but I have tops that need to be quilted. And since I now work for a hospice, I want some of those quilts to grace the laps of my wonderful patients and for their family members to have a wonderful keepsake.