Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tough week for quilting

I started a (New Year's Eve) mystery quilt the beginning of March. It had been cut and ready since that day, but I had some projects I was working on.

I finished step 2 and was setting up for step 3. I realized that this (ignore the poorly sewn seam, it got frogged, twice.....)

was actually supposed to be this

not this

Needless to say it took more than a few hours frogging and refrogging after sewing.

Then the worst thing happened.......

I was set up to quilt my mystery quilt with a new pattern that is circles and bubbles. I was stoked.

2 rows! I just needed 2 more rows! But sadly I think the timing on the longarm went kaput. Mid-quilting I had to loosen the quilt and take the machine off the rack. It's in the shop until Monday.

Some weeks are just harder than others, I think. I'm hopeful that I can reinstall, find my place in the pattern and restart the quilt with minimal fuss. Because in the end, that's sometimes the best we can hope for!

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